Character Generation

This section has the rules for character generation.

We will be starting at third level.

You can use the standard array or point-buy options in the PHB.

Anything in the PHB except a Moon Druid is fine (I think Moon Druids are silly and OP). Other classes (unearthed arcana, etc.) are probably fine, please check with me. Keep in mind that all arcane and divine magic is viewed with great suspicion in Verros. (This is supposed to be fun / interesting rather than a blatant attempt to nerf casting classes).


  • Human or Variant Human: Please specifiy what country you come from (or invent a country off the map if you want).
  • Hill Dwarf: (basically Scottmen).
  • Mountain Dwarf: (often xenophobic, gold-obsessed weirdos who rare come above ground).
  • Half-orc: Half orcs are treated with reasonable respect in Verros as long as they are not more violent than everybody else.
  • Halfling Halflings in Verros usually live in small self-governing communities and, unlike other people, are never serfs.
  • Tiefling: Tieflings can pass for human (small horns covered by hair, no long tails, etc.) Common people would be terrified to discover your true nature, however.

(No elves or gnomes. Everyone knows they are just myths).

Whatever you want. You can be a serf, a freeman (probably most typical for PC) or a noble. If you want a Forgotten Realms background we can tweak it for the setting.

You start with the typical stuff for your class, and can buy up to 100 gp in additional equipment.

Character Generation

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